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20% Discount if customers mention Vegmas

Santosh use their expertise and knowledge to source the best ingredients and spices to enhance their already remarkable ‘naasto’ cuisine. We pride ourselves in being able to fuse our traditional snacks with tastes from India and Kenya fulfilling the demand for high quality Indian sweets, savouries and street food.

It is all about eating what grows in the garden of our world


10% for the month of December if you mention Vegmas.

A service providing freshly made, home cooked, vegan meals to an ever growing number of clients, all with differing and unique needs. All our meals are plant based, oil free and sugar free using only natural, wholesome and predominantly organic ingredients. planet pizza
The UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company


10% off a four pack of pizzas from our new OPP Direct service.

Register during December on our website (adding the code vegmas19 in the additional comments field), and we will send you 20% off your first order during January. You can now grab a slice of life anywhere in the UK! Our award-winning Pizzas are available in over 400 Independent health stores and vegan shops.

Finest & Authentic Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant in Manchester & Liverpool


We will offer a 15% discount on food only for customers who give “Vegmas” as a code for dine in. 

We believe nothing represents India more than its classical cuisine and vibrant culture, which we express in each of our dishes. We offer a wide variety of choices, many of which you are unlikely to find at any other restaurant in Manchester. 

making vegan mainstream


FREE DRINK with Christmas menu if customers mention Vegmas

We serve fresh, homemade, plant-based food products that are made from scratch without preservatives. We will never serve processed food products; all our burgers, mains, mayonnaise, sauces etc are prepped fresh on site in Tooting.

it’s all about chai
846 London Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 7PA.


10% for the month of December if you mention Vegmas.

Chai means a lot of different things to different people. What does it mean to you? Pop down to the restaurant and immerse yourself in our Chai Experience. You’ll only ever want it the Urban Guj way.

Enlightened eating
Restaurant, Yoga and wellness space


FREE DESSERT with any starter or main course if customers mention Vegmas

The nature of our menu helps revive the vitality and energy that our bodies crave. Taking inspiration from different world cuisines and knowledge from ancient Ayurveda, we’re creating something that rejuvenates and is kind to your digestion.

Free £3 side in store for any orders over £10



Veg Heads is bringing wholesome fast food to the street food scene. We love a good burger as much as the next person, which is why we’ve crafted our own delicious, cruelty-free burgers and dawgs for everyone to enjoy.

Our plant-based menu is naughty and nice. Offering the sensational taste you’d expect from street food, with the most nutritious and ethically-sourced ingredients we can find. As long as you’re hungry, curious or just in need of a really good burger, Veg Heads has you covered.

07927 396963
22 Queens Road Southend-on-Sea

I pledge to be vegetarian or vegan over the christmas period

I will continue to be vegetarian or vegan from then on (optional)

Thanks for signing our pledge. Enjoy a meat and dairy free Christmas and forward this to your friends

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